One in three consumers favour a further increase in UK contactless transaction limit

Barclaycard raises contactless transaction limit
CASH-FREE: Consumers in the UK back a further rise in the contactless transaction limit

One in three UK consumers (32%) are in favour of further raising the country’s current contactless spending limit from £45 (US$59), according to a YouGov survey.

Among those who would like to see the increase, 40% want the limit to rise to £100 (US$132).

The survey also found that 80% of UK adults have made more contactless payments and 24% have made more mobile wallet payments since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in response to Covid-19.

When asked why they had used more digital payments during the pandemic, 57% of respondents said that it “feels safer”, 53% reported that shops they visit regularly now accepted cash payments less often and 36% cited ease of use.

The survey of more than 2,000 UK adults was commissioned by ACI Worldwide.

The UK is one of many countries around the world to have increased the contactless transaction limit in response to the pandemic. In the UK, the move took place in April 2020 and saw the transaction ceiling raised by 50%, from £30 (US$40) to £45 (US$60).

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