PrivatBank begins rollout of face recognition POS terminals in Ukraine

PrivatBank_face recognition POS FacePay24
FACE RECOGNITION: PrivatBank customers can now authenticate payments with their face at the POS

Ukraine’s PrivatBank has begun to roll out biometric POS terminals for its facial recognition payments service FacePay24.

The terminals enable customers to make in-store purchases without using a card or mobile device by authenticating payments with their face and confirming the transaction with a PIN code.

To use the service, customers register for FacePay24 payments via the bank’s updated Privat24 app and upload three selfies taken from different angles, which they can then link to a selected bank card.

FacePay24 is available on 260 Android PAX POS terminals and PrivatBank plans to install more than 7,500 across the country by the end of 2020.

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