HID Global explains how NFC can be combined with Rain RFID to create innovative new use cases

Pages from HID Global's NFC and Rain RFID white paper
NFC AND RAIN RFID: Learn how the technologies can work together in this 13-page white paper

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: Developments in NFC technology and existing RFID infrastructure are enabling businesses in a range of markets to benefit from the use of NFC-enabled devices at all stages of their operations, HID Global explains in a new white paper now available to download from the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

‘The power of choice: from standard NFC to secure solutions’ begins by laying out the multiple use cases in which NFC devices and NFC tags can be deployed. It explains how they can be used in combination with Rain (UHF) RFID to enable more efficient supply chain and logistics solutions across a range of markets.

“Payment systems and marketing loyalty programmes are just the beginning for NFC technology”

The paper also examines how NFC tags can be used to enhance security and authentication, and provides three example use cases in agriculture, proof of presence monitoring and loyalty marketing programmes.

“Payment systems and marketing loyalty programmes are just the beginning for NFC technology,” the paper says.

“In addition to the mounting interest in NFC for mobile access control, NFC technology also promises to empower more efficient, effective industrial applications.

Key benefits

“One of the key benefits of NFC is, as NFC-enabled phones and tablets become the norm, virtually everyone will have an RFID reader/writer in their hand. Suddenly, technology that previously required costly and bulky devices operated by specialists is available to anyone.

“Historically, companies had to equip workers with phones and specialised RFID readers. Now they eliminate the cost of providing the extra RFID reader, and benefit from the more advanced application programming environment and connectivity options of smartphones,” the paper adds.

“HID Global’s NFC-enabled systems are used for many different applications by customers around the world today, and this is just the beginning of the emerging NFC market.”

Readers interested in learning more about present and future uses of NFC technology in a variety of new markets can download the full white paper from the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

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