Circle K to install autonomous checkout technology at US convenience store

Circle K autonomous checkout
AUTONOMOUS: Circle K is adding support for cashierless shopping at one of its US outlets

Convenience store giant Circle K is to add support for cashierless shopping at one of its Phoenix, Arizona, outlets, “with other stores to follow”.

“Customers will be able to simply walk in, take what they like, and walk out, without having to scan anything or wait in line to pay,” technology supplier Standard says.

“For Standard, this means integrating with Circle K’s existing systems and working with their current store layout, fixtures and lighting, as well as their existing inventory management and replenishment processes.

“There will be no shelf sensors in the Circle K store; instead, Standard leverages ceiling-mounted cameras as well as proprietary AI and machine vision software to accurately associate each shopper with the items they pick up — without using biometric data.”

“In this first store, Circle K customers will be able to choose to have a completely autonomous and touchless shopping experience by paying via a smartphone app, or via cash or credit/debit card at a kiosk or by visiting a traditional cashier station,” the company adds.

“This Arizona store will mark the first-ever retrofit of an existing convenience store with autonomous checkout technology.”

“Autonomous checkout is one of our innovation priorities that enables us to make our customers’ lives a little easier every day,” says Magnus Tägtström, head of global digital innovation at Circle K parent Alimentation Couche-Tard.

“We thoroughly evaluated the market and realised that working with Standard presented significant benefits since they could integrate with our existing systems and retrofit our existing stores.

“We will not have to relocate merchandise, replace shelves or build an entirely new store to implement autonomous checkout.”

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