Mojang to add NFC figurines to Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality game... with chickens
AR: Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality game… with chickens. Mattel is now making NFC figurines that will give players in-game power-ups.

Minecraft developer Mojang is to launch a range of NFC-enabled Minecraft figurines that work with its new Minecraft Earth augmented reality game to let players access a range of character-specific boosts and power-ups.

The NFC figurines will be produced by Mattel, the toy giant which already uses NFC for its Hot Wheels ID game and announced new additions to its range during the New York Toy Fair earlier this week.

“Minecraft Earth is a mobile game that released last year and reminded a lot of folks of Pokemon Go,” games publication Kotaku reports. “But some mini toys announced at the New York Toy Fair are going to give Minecraft Earth something Pokemon Go doesn’t currently have: Collectable toys that can give you in-game power-ups and rewards.

“These cute little toys are officially called Boost Minis and will retail for US$5 each. The figures will include all your favorite Minecraft characters such as chicken sitting on a thing, dolphin in water and even the other chicken sitting on a globe. And some creepers, the real stars of Minecraft.

“These figures will launch in spring and will unlock bonus experience points in Minecraft Earth when scanned. There will be 20 of them to collect and scan. Different figs will unlock different special abilities for a limited time. And Mattel is even making a special carrying case for them all, shaped like a potion from Minecraft.”

A selection of Minecraft NFC figurines
FIGURES: “These cute little toys are officially called Boost Minis and will retail for $5 each,” reports Kotaku

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