Mattel to expand its Hot Wheels ID NFC toy range

Mattel Hot Wheels ID digitally connected NFC toy car racing system
MORE CHOICE: Mattel is expanding its Hot Wheels ID NFC-enabled toy car playset range

Mattel is adding a new, lower-cost track option and additional NFC-enabled cars to its Hot Wheels ID range this year, the toy maker has told Engadget.

Launched in June 2019, Hot Wheels ID uses NFC-enabled vehicles and track, a race portal and a companion app to combine elements of both physical and digital play.

“Through innovative vehicle play, Hot Wheels ID brings together physical and digital in a mixed play experience with uniquely identifiable vehicles, a smart race portal, smart track, and digital hub, so you can build your personalised fleet, measure your performance and compete like never before,” Mattel explained at launch.

“For the first time in history, kids can scan their Hot Wheels ID cars digitally, challenging them to break records in both the real and virtual worlds.

“With the added ability to measure and clock speed, count laps and measure distance travelled on specially designed tracks and playsets, Hot Wheels ID amplifies the physical experiences kids have known for generations through digital play.”

A video produced by Mattel shows the game in action:

New cars due to be added to the range this year include a Tesla Cybertruck. “Like the other NFC-chipped cars, it will cost $5,” Engadget says.

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