Santa Clara University rolls out iPhone NFC student IDs

Student uses Apple iPhone NFC ID to buy from vending machine
EXPANDED ACCESS: Students can use their iPhone to make purchases by adding their campus ID card to Apple Wallet

Students, faculty and staff at Santa Clara University in the US can now add their Access student ID card to Apple Wallet and use their iPhone and Apple Watch to access buildings, attend athletic events, purchase meals and check out books from the library, the Silicon Valley-based university has announced.

“Once they’ve set up their Access student ID in Apple Wallet, students can complete any transaction — on or off campus — that would have previously required a physical student ID card, by simply holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near a reader,” the university says.

“Santa Clara’s Access student ID in Apple Wallet is not only convenient, it also provides an extra level of security,” it adds.

“In the past, students would regularly return to SCU’s Access office to replace lost or stolen ID cards. Now, students no longer have to worry about misplacing their physical card. School credentials are also protected by two-factor authentication.”

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