Apple to let vehicle owners share NFC car keys via Messages

Apple’s new CarKey service will make it possible for a digital car key to be shared using the Messages app, the second beta release of iOS 13.4 shows.


Updated wording concerning sharing explains that it will be possible to share keys in individual conversations, but not in group conversations, Macrumors reports.

“Sharing a CarKey with someone will allow that person to use their ‌iPhone‌ or ‌Apple Watch‌ to access a compatible car by holding the device near an NFC reader located inside of the vehicle. Keys can be permanent (for a spouse) or temporary (for a valet driver or mechanic).

“People who receive a digital key over the Messages app will see text letting them know how it works.”

“CarKey access, like Apple Pay and Apple Cash, is authenticated biometrically using Face ID or Touch ID to make sure the person holding the ‌iPhone‌ is the person with permission to access a car, though there is an ‘Express Mode’ that would presumably work without the need for authentication,” Macrumors adds.

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