Carriers complete cross-border blockchain mobile payment

Diagram showing how the Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG) Consortium's Cross-Carrier Payment System (CCPS) platform works
GLOBAL PAYMENT: The CBSG has developed a platform enabling cross-carrier blockchain-based billing

Customers of a US carrier have used a mobile payment app to bill purchases made at a merchant in Taiwan to their mobile phone account, a consortium of companies developing a blockchain-based carrier billing system has announced.

“Taiwan-based Asia Pacific Telecom Co and a US-based carrier jointly completed proof-of-business (POB) mobile payment transactions enabled by the Cross-Carrier Payment System (CCPS) platform, a cross-carrier blockchain payment network developed by TBCASoft,” the Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG) Consortium says.

“The CCPS network aims to create the largest open payment network enabling cross-border transactions and interoperability for mobile payment solutions globally.

“In the December 2019 POB, mobile subscribers from the US carrier visiting Taiwan used their mobile payment app to complete purchases at a participating merchant while on APTG’s payment network called Gt Pay, which is connected to the CCPS network.

“CCPS enables the transactions to be conveniently billed and paid through direct carrier billing in the purchaser’s home currency.”

“APTG will be one of the first carriers to launch the cross-border payment service and commercialise it in the Taiwan market,” APTG’s Mei-Hui Teng says.

“The service can help travellers reduce foreign transaction fees and enjoy the benefits of mobile cashless payments.”

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