Munich Airport uses NFC shelf-edge labels to let passengers self-checkout from retail store

Woman using smartphone to scan SES-imagotag digital shelf labels at Munich Airport
SMART SHOPPING: To buy items, customers tap their smartphone on the NFC shelf-edge labels

A solution that uses NFC shelf-edge labels to let passengers self-checkout and pay for their shopping using their mobile phone is undergoing pilot testing at Munich Airport.

The ‘Smart Checkout — Tap, Pay & Enjoy’ solution has been installed at MyCorner shop, an outlet operated by the airport’s Eurotrade retail subsidiary and located after security in Terminal 2.

“After the pilot phase, the payment system will be extended to other Eurotrade retail locations, including 12 duty free shops and 14 other stores offering magazines and newspapers, travel needs and souvenirs,” the airport says.

“To shop and place articles in the shopping basket, customers simply hold their smartphone up to the SES-imagotag digital shelf labels,” it explains.

“The product is captured via near field communication (NFC) or a camera scan of the QR code. Within seconds the phone opens a Wirecube mobile web app where the customer can complete the purchase with ease, either by scanning a credit card with the phone camera or entering the card details by hand. Alipay is also available as a payment option.

“For the payment process, the customer is redirected to a mobile website. In contrast to existing payment systems on the European market, it is not necessary to download the app.”

“The new payment system gives our customers a self-checkout option for the first time,” says Eurotrade’s managing director Sven Zahn.

“This offers significant added value for travellers in a hurry: the customer avoids waiting time at the cash register.

“We are expecting a boost in sales — especially for fast turnover goods that are purchased on the go.”

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