Corethree lets transportation operators replace prepaid ticket validators with low-cost NFC tags

Smartphone tapped on Corethree NFC ticket validation tag
FASTER ON-BOARDING: Passengers tap a NFC tag on public transport to activate a prepaid mobile ticket

Transportation ticketing specialist Corethree has introduced a service that enables transit operators to let passengers tap low-cost NFC tags placed on board a bus or other public transport service to activate and validate a prepaid mobile ticket.

The new service has the potential both to reduce costs and increase service quality, Corethree CTO Kulvinder Maingi and CEO Ashley Murdoch explained to NFC World, as operators will be able to easily increase the number of ticket validation points on their services without needing to install additional ticket validation machines.

The solution works with both Android and iOS mobile phones and could also be used in the future to allow passengers to purchase a ticket simply by tapping a tag placed on board a service or at a bus stop, the executives added.

“In addition to faster on-boarding times, the new NFC technology solution delivers additional security, and improves data gathering for the development of better business models and stronger customer relations,” Corethree says.

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