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Consumers get chance to win prizes at the point of sale

Ingenico LuckyCycle games
GAME ON: Consumers can now win prizes when they make purchases online or in-store

Consumers can now be offered the chance to win prizes related to the purchases they make both in-store and online by playing games such as scratch cards and slot machines that are integrated into a merchant’s payment confirmation pages online and at the payment terminal in a store.

The solution has been developed by Ingenico’s online and mobile commerce division Ingenico ePayments using technology supplied by Belgian startup Luckycycle.

“Available games include a scratch card, a slot machine and a wheel of fortune, all of which give the consumer an opportunity to immediately win prizes related to their purchase,” Ingenico ePayments says. “This means that, instead of offering 10% discounts on an item or basket, merchants can offer a one in 10 chance to win that item or basket for free.

“The in-store solution leverages Ingenico’s Telium Tetra marketplace to enable gamified checkout on payment terminals. Games are fully customisable with merchants able to define the parameters as well as look and feel.”

“Merchants looking to boost conversion and build customer loyalty will typically use discount programs to increase the number of transactions and average basket size,” says Ingenico ePayments’ Ludovic Houri. “Discounts alone aren’t enough to build loyalty. Consumers want a great user experience to go along with rewards and discounts.”

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