Helixion launches NFC payments platform

NFC payments specialist Helixion has launched Lok-MPL, a new mobile payments platform which the company says already has the backing of 12 major European banks.


The platform, which is being used by Swiss mobile network operator Swisscom, is “the first to enable the creation of mobile payment applications that operate across any digital wallet, any payment scheme, any phone and any secure element,” says Helixion.

The platform supports MasterCard and Visa payments and can be integrated into any mobile wallet using any secure element in a wide range of mobile phones, while also being suitable for the basis of loyalty and ticketing schemes, the company adds.

“NFC mobile payments is set to explode over the next few years,” Sue Balatoni, managing director at Helixion, explains. “Financial services companies and mobile network operators are extremely keen to be able to monetise NFC mobile payment services. We believe that the official launch of the Lok-MPL is a step forward for the marketplace delivering tangible benefits for businesses looking to move their mobile payment strategies forward.”

“Swisscom is extremely happy to work with Helixion’s experienced and highly competent team on joint wallet development,” says Sachin Mittal, Swisscom’s head of mobile payments.

“The Swisscom wallet was one of the services Visa chose to demonstrate during the Mobile Congress,” adds Neal Michie, Helixion’s technical business development director. “Over the coming months, we’ll see many other NFC payment products start the move from trial to mass market adoption.”

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