Old Navy tests NFC ads in Miami

The US clothing retailer is running Spanish language NFC-enabled advertisements at bus shelters in Miami, targeted at “mobile savvy” Hispanic shoppers.

An Old Navy NFC ad
OLD NAVY: NFC ads placed in bus shelters near stores to drive traffic. Click to enlarge.

American clothing chain Old Navy has begun an NFC and QR code enabled out of home advertising campaign in Miami.

The ads are located at bus shelters equipped with displays managed by outdoor media owner Fuel Outdoor. NFC specialist Blue Bite‘s mTag platform is being used to deliver the NFC and QR code technology behind the ads.

The Spanish language campaign is designed to appeal to “mobile savvy” Hispanic shoppers, says Blue Bite.

“Along with a leading creative agency out of San Francisco we launched this campaign to link consumers with out-of-home media at moments of maximum influence,” Blue Bite’s Daniel Trigub told NFC World. “The locations were strategically selected near Old Navy retail outlets with the intent of driving consumers into the store and path to purchase.

“The campaign is one of the first of its kind in the US,” Trigub added. “Without question, we believe such implementations of OOH and mobile are just the beginning.”

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  1. Where are all these NFC phones in the USA?! Google Nexus and maybe T-mobile have a Nokia model but I don’t know of any other NFC phones out there.

    In the USA, public transportation users are likely to have cheap prepaid phones.

    1. They’re coming, they’re coming 🙂

      In the meantime it’s fantastic news that companies like Old Navy are trying this stuff out now because they’ll be ready when NFC *really* arrives.

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