NFC ‘for sale’ signs to appear across the UK

NFC tags and QR codes are being added as a standard feature on UK real estate agency chain Strutt & Parker’s property ‘for sale’ signs.

A Strutt & Parker smartboard
HOT PROPERTY: Tap the board outside the house to get full specs by email

Upmarket national real estate chain Strutt & Parker has become the first to roll out NFC and QR code-enabled ‘for sale’ signs in the UK.

“We are currently trialling the system with eight offices across the UK before hopefully rolling out to all our other offices in the New Year,” Strutt & Parker’s Charlotte Hessey has told NFC World. The agencies will offer the feature for all properties where it can be scanned, she added, whether on foot or by car — wherever it is safe for buyers to park up.

The “smartboards” have been provided to Strutt & Parker by property signage specialist Kremer Signs and allow buyers to scan a QR code or NFC tag to obtain immediate information about the property in question. The introduction is being timed to coincide with the launch of the company’s new mobile website and will allow smartphone users to access full property details including floorplans and photos as well as to request further information or arrange a viewing.

Smartboards in production at Kremer Signs
PRINTING: NFC-enabled smartboards in production at Kremer Signs. Click to enlarge.

The smartboards also provide a huge advantage to real estate agents, Strutt & Parker explains, as it will be possible to access statistics on who is using the boards. When an agent logs into their account, they can see details of each customer that has registered to get property information while interacting with a smartboard, including their name and mobile phone number, as well as the date and time of each interaction.

“This is remarkable and groundbreaking technology,” says Kiersty Long, head of digital marketing at Strutt & Parker. “We feel confident that it will open new doors in marketing our properties.”

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