Retailer Narvesen starts NFC trial in Latvia

Narvesen Baltija, a chain of 247 newsagent stores and kiosks across Latvia owned by Norwegian convenience store chain Narvesen, has launched a trial of NFC stickers at 10 of its outlets.


Participants in the Riga-based Narvesen trial will be provided with an NFC-enabled sticker to attach to the back of their mobile phone or to place inside their purse. After creating a virtual account with Narvesen, they will be able to collect loyalty reward ‘stickers’ electronically rather than as paper-based labels. The reward ‘stickers’ can be cashed in for soft toy incentives.

One thousand people are able to register for the trial, and each are being given a bonus 10 reward points to start off their collection.

Users can go online to view their virtual accounts at and can also download a Narvesen Loyalty app for iPhone, Android and WP7.

UPDATE Total number of stores changed from 43 to 247; Narvesen has 43 outlets in Riga.

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