Stockholm to add EMV white label card for closed loop transit ticketing

Stockholm's sl card for closed loop ticketing
CLOSED LOOP: Travellers in Stockholm will soon be able to use an EMV white label card for transit ticketing

Passengers travelling on metro, rail, bus, tram and boat services in the Swedish capital of Stockholm will soon be able to use an EMV white label card issued by the city’s Storstockholm Lokaltrafik (SL) transit authority to make EMV contactless payments for their fares.

SL is launching the “world’s first” proprietary EMV white label public transport card to enable closed loop transit ticketing payments for passengers who do not have or do not wish to use their bank card or mobile phone to pay their fares using the transit authority’s open loop contactless payment system.

SL has chosen to use EMV payments technology for the new card because “our validators are already EMV certified and the security standard is important,” the authority says.

“This jointly developed hi-tech system is based on EMV White Label, an open contactless payment standard promoted by the White Label Alliance, which enables ready-to-deploy contactless payment solutions. Building on the EMV standard, it facilitates migration to contactless and interoperability across most system providers,” technology provider Idemia explains.

“Idemia’s solution ushers in both security and convenience. Commuters will gain from an enhanced travel experience as they speed through gates armed only with the new SL card.

“The card taps into SL’s existing infrastructure that caters for EMV open-loop payments. The first new EMV White Label cards will be rolled out after the summer.”

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