Skånetrafiken enables Apple Pay Express Mode for contactless bus ticketing in southern Sweden

Skånetrafiken Blippa contactless reader
FASTER BOARDING: Bus passengers in Skåne can now pay with their iPhone in Apple Pay Express mode

Apple Pay users travelling on buses operated by Skånetrafiken in the southern Swedish region of Skåne can now pay their fares by tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch without having to wake or unlock their device or authenticate their payment with Face ID or Touch ID.

The public transport operator is the first in Scandinavia to add support for Apple Pay in Express Mode to its contactless ticketing system.

“The solution is another step forward in making it easier for people to choose public transport,” Skånetrafiken says.

“Express payment enables faster boarding and less crowding, reduces hassle with money, cards or tickets and increases safety and security as passengers no longer need to open their bag or wallet to travel by public transport.

“Remarkably, customers can trust this payment method even when their device has run out of battery, thanks to the ‘power reserve’.”

Skånetrafiken rolled out the Blippa contactless ticketing system that enables passengers to pay their fares with their credit or debit card on its buses in December 2019.

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