Apple rolls out support for Covid-19 vaccination cards in Wallet

Covid-19 vaccination cards in Apple Wallet
VERIFICATION: Apple users can now show their Covid-19 vaccination status in Wallet and in the Health app

Apple users can now store and display a card verifying their Covid-19 vaccination status in Apple Wallet as well as in the Health app on their iPhone.

Apple has added support for vaccination cards in Wallet to the iOS 15.1 update released this week, allowing users to add a card by either scanning a QR code issued to them by their vaccine provider or downloading their digital verifiable health record.

“Once you add your vaccination card in the Wallet app, you can view and present it at any time. The front of the card shows your name, the vaccine type, the dates of the doses administered, the issuer and the QR code,” Apple explains.

“The full details of your vaccination card won’t be visible until you’ve authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.

“Your vaccination card can’t be shared with other iPhone, iPod touch or Apple Watch users.”

“You can’t store [Covid-19] test results in Wallet,” Apple adds.

Apple enabled users to store verifiable health records to the Health app with support for records that implement the interoperable Smart Health Card framework used in parts of the USA in September.

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