Public transport users in the Philippines get NFC top-up for contactless fare payment cards

Beep Philippines public transport NFC payments top-up app and card with smartphone and qr code
CONTACTLESS: Users transfer value from their phone directly to their physical Beep card via NFC

Public transport users in the Philippines can now top up their Beep prepaid contactless fare payments card directly from their NFC-enabled smartphone.

To use the service, cardholders upload value to the latest version of the Beep card app from their selected payment card and then transfer that sum to their physical Beep card by tapping it on the back of their mobile device.

Users can also convert the reward points they earn from card transactions into funds they can add to their physical card via NFC or into mobile QR tickets for use on selected transit services.

Beep cards can be used to make contactless fare payments on Metro Manila’s elevated railways, Edsa buses, point-to-point express bus services and public utility vehicles nationwide.

A short video explains how the Beep card app and NFC top-up works.

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