MTA adds physical Omny EMV card for closed loop transit ticketing in New York

MTA's Omny EMV card for closed loop transit ticketing on New York public transport network
RELOADABLE: The Omny EMV payments card is for users who do not have a bank card or digital wallet

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has launched a physical Omny EMV payments card to enable passengers travelling on the city’s subway and bus services to make closed loop contactless ticketing payments.

The MTA is rolling out the reloadable Omny card as an additional tap-and-go option for passengers who do not have — or do not wish to use — a bank card or digital wallet to pay their fares on the transit authority’s open loop contactless payment system.

“Beginning in October 2021, the Omny card will make its way to retail locations throughout New York City,” the MTA says.

“In the coming weeks, you will be able to buy a new Omny card or reload an existing Omny card at those retail locations. Pay with cash or card.”

Users who register for an Omny account will also be able to reload their card online.

The MTA revealed its plans to launch a physical Omny contactless fare card in January after completing the rollout of the open loop ticketing system.

Sweden’s Storstockholm Lokaltrafik announced in June that it is launching a closed loop EMV transit card for use on Stockholm’s public transport network alongside its open loop ticketing system.

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