Moscow Metro rolls out virtual Troika transit card

woman using virtual Troika transit card on Moscow Metro
MOSCOW METRO: Android users can now pay fares by tapping their smartphone at a turnstile or validator

Moscow Metro has officially launched the digital version of its Troika transit card, enabling Android users to pay their fares on public transport services across the Russian capital by tapping their smartphone at a turnstile or validator.

“With this payment method, you do not need to unlock your phone, enter passwords or use biometric data — the ticket is calculated automatically,” Moscow Metro says.

“You just need to pre-select Google Pay or Samsung Pay in the settings of your smartphone as the main method for contactless payments.”

Passengers can also use the digital card to buy tickets and travel passes online.

“Next year, the service will include Wallet and other types of tickets,” Moscow Metro adds.

The virtual Troika card can currently be used to make contactless fare payments at specially marked turnstiles and validators and will be accepted at all terminals on the city’s metro network by the end of 2022.

Moscow Metro launched the final phase of testing for the digital version of the Troika transit card in August.

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