Nayax picks Cilab ci230 to accelerate EMV POS certification

Cilab ci230 test bed suite for  EMV POS certification
COMPLETE TESTING SOLUTION: Cilab supplied Nayax with its ci230 test bench, its software platform, EMVCo antennas and a robot to support volume testing

PARTNER NEWS: Award-winning cashless payments provider Nayax has selected Cilab’s ci230 test bench to accelerate its delivery of contactless payments devices conforming to the latest EMVCo standards.

Nayax provides cashless payments solutions for both traditional points of sale and for a host of unattended and attended retail environments including vending machines, laundrettes, photo booths, car washes, kiosks and ticket machines. Headquartered in Israel, Nayax operates worldwide with offices in six continents.

“The Nayax lab team was looking for a solution that combined fast results with support for the latest EMVCo PCD analogue 3.1a specification, including IQ modulation,” Cilab says.

“Nayax selected our ci230 test bench for its speed and for its ability to provide the team with clear diagnostics in the case of a fail test. This provides them with a detailed explanation and the root cause of a fail so that they can easily make the adjustments necessary to fix any issues that arise.

“As well as our ci230 test bench, Cilab supplied Nayax with our software platform, EMVCo antennas and a robot to support volume testing. This setup enables Nayax to run a complete test session with all antennas in a fully automated mode in less than 30 minutes.” 

“I was amazed by the ci230’s capabilities,” Nayax lab manager Ran Granot says. “Cilab’s solution allows us to save time and money, accelerate our development cycle and provide the best possible service to our customers. It’s a real game changer.”

“We are delighted to be cooperating long term with Nayax to support their contactless payments testing,” Cilab CEO Alfred Binder adds. “Our goal at Cilab is to be much more than just a tool provider. Our team provides support to POS vendors throughout their journey to certification, from delivery of test equipment to laboratory test session expertise and sustained advice and support.”