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Researchers to use tiny diamonds to verify authenticity of supply chain components

Dust Identity raises $10m to secure the global supply chain — using diamonds — Fortune — “Its process embeds tiny diamond fragments in a polymer that’s sprayed on a component. As the polymer dries, those diamond fragments are frozen in place, producing a pattern of scattered light that’s irreproducible, because it’s so random and complex — and at least as unique as a fingerprint… Dust Identity claims that, at scale, a single application of its tag can cost as little as one one-thousandth of a cent.”

Wells Fargo wants its ‘Control Tower’ to manage your digital financial life

Wells Fargo wants its ‘Control Tower’ to manage your digital financial life — Fortune — “Control Tower will allow Wells Fargo customers to track every place they’ve shared their payment information, whether it be via a device, mobile wallet, or online retailer… If their card expires or is re-issued, consumers can simply push the data for the new card out to retailers and mobile wallets through the Wells Fargo app.”

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Barnes & Noble to add NFC to Nook e-reader

Barnes & Noble's bestselling Nook Color

With an NFC-enabled Nook, you could “walk up to any of our pictures, any [of] our aisles, any of our bestseller lists, and just touch the book, and get information on that physical book on your Nook and have some frictionless purchase experience. That’s coming, and we could lead in that area,” the US bookseller’s CEO has told Fortune. More