Greece to get contactless open loop fare payments on buses in 33 cities and islands

KTEL bus on Crete which will soon be able to accept contactless open loop fare payments
OPEN LOOP: The KTEL bus group is rolling out contactless payments across 33 Greek cities and islands

Passengers using bus services across 33 cities and islands in Greece will soon be able to make contactless fare payments for their journeys using their own locally issued or international credit, debit or prepaid card.

The KTEL group of regional bus companies is rolling out the contactless open loop fare payment system on services across the country, allowing passengers to pay their fare by tapping a contactless reader with their physical bank card or a digital card stored on their mobile phone or smartwatch.“

The move aims to improve the experience of millions of passengers, helping them save time and at the same time encourages the use of public transport in city centres for more sustainable transport,” according to local media outlet GTP.

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