Digital fashion house links upcycled physical Levi’s jeans to NFTs with NFC

Digital fashion house mntge upcycled physical Levi’s jeans with NFC tag that links to NFT
DIGITAL WEARABLES: Buyers can link to an NFT by scanning an NFC chip in their upcycled Levi’s jeaans

Digital fashion house MNTGE has released a limited edition pair of upcycled Levi’s jeans that purchasers can link to a non-fungible token (NFT) by scanning an NFC chip in the physical garment.

The repurposed vintage jeans in MNTGE’s Fruits & Veggies edition — the first physical garments released by the company that describes itself as a “digital wearables brand built around vintage clothing” — contain an NFC tag that enables purchasers to claim a collectible NFT that also serves to authenticate their purchase and enable them to access bespoke digital experiences.

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