Puma uses NFC to authenticate and link physical sneakers with NFTs

Virtual metaverse accessories store 10KTF which Puma has collaborated with to launch NFC enabled physical sneakers linked to NFTs
METAVERSE: Puma collaborated with virtual store 10KTF to release the twinned collectible sneakers

Purchasers of a limited edition pair of Grailed Puma Slipstream sneakers can authenticate their purchase and link to a digital twin in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) that they can use in the metaverse by tapping an NFC chip embedded in the physical footwear.

Puma has released the twinned physical and digital collectibles in collaboration with virtual metaverse accessories store 10KTF and its “digital artisan” Wagmi-san, who also designed the customised physical sneakers.

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