Kochi Metro promotion drives upsurge in mobile ticketing adoption

Kochi Metro discount on mobile QR ticketing advert
DISCOUNT TRAVEL: The number of passengers buying QR code mobile tickets has increased twenty-fold

The number of passengers purchasing QR code mobile tickets for journeys on Kochi Metro services in the Indian state of Kerala has increased twenty-fold since the rapid transit system launched a promotion offering a 10% discount for peak-time and 50% discount for off-peak travel to mobile ticketing users.

The public transportation provider launched the promotion in December 2022 to drive adoption of the fare payment system that lets users purchase and store QR code-enabled tickets on their smartphone via the Kochi-1 app.

“The number of mobile tickets sold in Kolchi Metro was below 1,000 until December 2022,” according to a Times of India report.

“As per this year’s ridership data, the number of mobile QR tickets sold in January has increased to more than 10 times and it further increased to 20 times in February.”

“The major aim of the discount offer and the special campaign focusing on the mobile ticket system is to make people realise the convenience of the mobile ticketing system. The efforts are yielding results,” a Kochi Metro source told the Times of India. 

Kochi Metro began rolling out support for digital rupee payments acceptance at all its station car parks in March as part of India’s central bank digital currency pilot programme.

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