Aegean Airlines speeds up boarding with government digital ID

Aegean Airlines digital ID on smartphone in Greece
FASTER BOARDING: Passengers can now verify their identity using digital ID credentials on their phone

Passengers travelling on domestic flights operated by Aegean Airlines and its subsidiary Olympic Air in Greece can now verify their identity when boarding using government-issued digital ID credentials stored on their Apple or Android smartphone rather than a physical ID card or passport.

Aegean is rolling out the service by enabling passengers to link digital ID documents created and stored in the Greek government’s Wallet app directly to their digital boarding pass on the airline’s app after they have completed check-in.

“Aegean’s Digital ID service requires the installation of the Wallet application, through which it is possible to create digital ID documents for any legal use within Greek territory and so far, and for the moment, it is available exclusively for domestic flights of Aegean and Olympic Air,” the airline says.

“The new digital service is expected to become available also for the international network flights when the Greek Wallet acquires broad EU recognition.”

The Greek government launched the Wallet in July 2022 and reported in August that more than 710,000 Greek citizens had used it to generate a digital version of their national ID card and another 563,000 had used it to generate a digital version of their driving licence.

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