Greece rolls out digital ID cards and driving licences

Greece digital ID card and driving licence on 3 smartphone screens
DIGITAL ID: A QR code and a unique document code allow a document’s authenticity to be verified

Greek citizens can now create, store and present digital versions of their national identity card and driving licence using a digital identity wallet on their smartphone.

The Greek government has begun rolling out the Wallet for both Android and Apple devices, enabling citizens to generate digital documents that can be used in Greece in the same way as their physical ID card or driving licence and incorporate a QR code and unique document code that allow a document’s authenticity to be verified by officials.

“After entering the application environment, the citizen can with a few clicks create and save the digital copy of his ID and/or driving licence,” the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance says.

“First he chooses which document he wants to issue and then he receives a one-time password via SMS which he enters into the application. Immediately after, the document is created and saved in the application and in the wallet of the mobile phone. 

“The authenticity of each digital copy is verified by its QR code. As soon as someone scans a citizen’s QR code through the same Wallet application, the latter receives a notification from the application in order to give approval to the controller in order to verify their information.

“After the citizen approves the check, a six-digit code appears on the screen of the application, which he must dictate or show to the checker, who in turn enters it on his own device.

“After the process is complete, then and only then the digital copy data is displayed once and only on the controller’s device, without the ability to save.”

The wallet also includes a “quick scan” function that can be used “in cases where congestion is observed or speed is required at, eg entrance to concerts, planes, etc” and enables users to pre-authorise a check five minutes in advance.

“The digital copies have exactly the same validity within Greek territory as the corresponding paper certificates. Therefore, as of today, citizens can show them instead of their ID or driving licence,” the Ministry of Digital Governance adds. 

“Exceptionally, with regard to citizens’ transactions with credit institutions, with financial institutions and with fixed and mobile telephone service providers, digital copies will start to be valid from 1 October 2022.

“In the future, more documents are going to be added to the application, such as registration details, registration fee payment details, vehicle technical inspection (VOT) results and next inspection date, insurance details etc.”

The Greek government revealed plans to roll out digital ID cards and driving licences in January.

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