Monash University introduces NFC student IDs

Monash University NFC student IDs on iphone and apple watch
CAMPUS ID: Students can add a digital identity card to their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone

Australia’s Monash University has become the first in the country to let students and staff add a digital version of their ID card to their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android smartphone and then use their mobile credential “to complete any action that would have previously required a physical ID card”.

“As we count down to the start of semester, tens of thousands of new and existing Monash students and staff will be able to seamlessly access buildings across Monash’s Victorian campuses, including use of popular hubs such as the library, gym and shuttle bus services, as well as pay for printing and photocopying,” the university says.

“iPhone and Apple Watch users who add their mobile M-Pass to Apple Wallet can enable Express Mode, allowing them to access locations with just a tap without the need to unlock or even wake up their device,” it adds.

“If an iPhone needs to be charged, users can still use their device to access their office or amenity areas for up to five hours with Power Reserve.”

“The move to digital eliminates the need to print and distribute physical cards, creating a safer, more cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly process,” the university says.

“Tap and pay technology has become such an integral part of our everyday lives,” Josh Teichman, director of digital at Monash University, explains.

“Our students and staff are hungry for this type of technology, which offers greater flexibility, a more secure experience and aligns to our aspirations to be net zero by reducing plastic waste, setting up Monash to innovate further across the campus ecosystem.”

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