Thailand lets domestic flight passengers verify their identity with a digital ID stored on their smartphone

Thail digital ID stored on smartphone
VALIDATION: Users enter the number from their physical ID at a register office to validate their digital ID

Thai citizens travelling on domestic flights within Thailand can now verify their identity prior to boarding using a digital ID card or digital driving licence stored on their smartphone.

The addition of support for digital IDs on domestic flights follows the Thai government’s launch last month of the D.Dopa app that enables users to create and store a digital ID card on their smartphone that they can use to access a range of government services.

“Anyone wishing to validate their digital IDs will need to visit their district office’s registry division and bring their physical ID card,” according to a National News Bureau of Thailand report.

“Officials will ask them to open the D.Dopa app, enter their 13-digit ID number and accept the terms and conditions of the app.

“They will also be asked to scan a QR code and fill out a Personal Data Protection Act consent form.”

“The government stressed that authorities are working to improve the quality and efficiency of government services through the use of cutting-edge technology amid the emerging global trend of digitized government services,” the report adds.

“Officials aim to register 10 million users for digital ID systems by the end of this year.”

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