Prague extends open loop contactless fare payments to city buses

Prague open loop contactless fare payments terminal on a bus
CASHLESS: Passengers can now buy a ticket using the contactless payment terminal on each bus

Passengers travelling on buses, electric buses and trolley buses in Prague in the Czech Republic can now use their physical or digital debit or credit card to purchase tickets for their journeys from onboard contactless self-service terminals rather than in advance or from the driver.

Public transport operator Prague Public Transit Company (Dopravní Podnik Prahy) has installed 1,200 contactless ticket terminals on all its buses after completing a rollout of the system across its tram and subway networks that began in 2019.

“Passengers will be able to purchase single-trip tickets or short-term tickets for connections within the capital city of Prague, both for 30 or 90 minutes or 24 hours, including a reduced fare option,” the transit company explains explains.

“It will be possible to pay for the purchase only without cash with any valid debit or credit card of the Europay, Mastercard or Visa associations.

“This definitely ends the additional sale of tickets by drivers on city bus routes, which was effectively cancelled already during the pandemic.

“The exception remains the Airport Express line with a specific tariff and all PID suburban bus lines, where the sale of tickets at the driver’s desk for cash or cashless continues without changes.”

Since the beginning of the pilot in April 2016, passengers have used the system to purchase more than 14m tickets across the city’s transport network to date, the firm says.

At present, passengers can only use the system to purchase physical tickets, but the transport operator says it plans to introduce digital ticketing and “other functions to passengers” in future.

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