Queensland to let passengers get real-time service information at bus stops on their NFC smartphone 

Queensland NFC reader at bus stop
EASY TO USE: Passengers will be able to tap their NFC phone on the reader for real-time bus updates

Passengers travelling on bus services in the Australian state of Queensland will soon be able to access bus schedules, notifications and real-time service information at more than 15,000 bus stops with a tap of their Apple or Android NFC smartphone.

Transit authority Translink has begun installing devices at bus stops that will enable passengers to tap an NFC tag to view information relevant to the specific stop they are waiting at without needing to use the Translink app, search the internet or consult paper timetables.

“Rollout of the NFC solution follows a successful trial of the technology in the greater Brisbane area,” Translink says.

“Community response to the trial was overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of customers surveyed reporting the NFC solution was very easy to use and something that they would use regularly.”

Translink originally revealed plans to pilot NFC tag at bus stops in November 2019 and plans to complete a state-wide rollout for the service “by March 2023”.

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