National Australia Bank lets merchants accept contactless payments on Android NFC smartphones

National Australia Bank Easy Tap contactless payments app on Android NFC smartphones
EASY TAP: The NAB app enables merchants to accept payments on their Android NFC smartphone

Merchants in Australia can now accept contactless payments directly on their Android NFC smartphone or tablet using National Australia Bank’s Easy Tap software point of sale (sPOS) solution.

The Easy Tap app is “a simple low-cost solution which lets you take payments anywhere, any time, with no need for a separate terminal” and provides merchants with “transaction data in real time so you can spot sales trends and get the information you need to help you manage and grow your business”, National Australia Bank says.

“This is perfect for Australians for a side hustle — think your local farmers market, coffee carts and mobile hairdressers who don’t want to lug around a payment terminal or dongle and who are looking for instant insight into how their business is performing,” NAB’s Andrew Irvine says.

Westpac bank began piloting its Tap on Phone sPOS solution with merchants in Australia in June.

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