One in three UK consumers would ditch their wallet ‘if it weren’t for having to carry physical ID’

Post Office infographic of UK consumer attitudes to physical ID
DIGITAL PREFERENCE: Four in 10 UK consumers would rather not have to carry around physical ID

Nearly one third of UK consumers believe that carrying a physical ID document is “outdated” (32%) and nearly half would prefer not to have to carry a physical document as proof of identity (45%), a survey commissioned by the UK Post Office has found.

The survey also reveals that more than a quarter of consumers in the UK would stop using a physical wallet altogether if they no longer had to ‘carry physical ID with them (28%) and that 27% are carrying their physical wallet around with them less than they were last year, a proportion that rises to 37% for those aged under 34.

“For many people, leaving their wallet at home and going digital is the ambition,” says Post Office identity services director Elinor Hull.

“Digital ID can be at the forefront of our everyday lives, providing simple, convenient solutions to shoppers’ everyday tasks.”

The most common reason for needing to show either a physical or a digital identity credential in the UK in the past 12 months was collecting a parcel, followed by supplying proof of age for restricted items in shops, registering for a bank account, checking into a hotel or other accommodation, and gaining entry to venues, the Post Office says.

The Post Office launched its EasyID digital identity app in September 2021.

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