Los Angeles to let residents add vaccination certificates to mobile wallets

Los Angeles vaccination certificate in mobile wallet
INOCULATION: Los Angeles County residents will be able to add a digital vaccine record on their mobile wallet

Residents of Los Angeles County in the USA will be able to verify that they have been inoculated against Covid-19 and receive a reminder to have a second dose of the vaccine via a digital record they can store in their Apple Wallet or “competing Google platform”.

The digital vaccine record “is initially geared toward ensuring people receive both doses of the two-shot regimens that have been authorised in the US, including through follow-up notifications of a second appointment,” Bloomberg reports, but it “could, eventually, be used to gain access to concert venues or airline flights”.

The system has been introduced by Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Health using technology developed by patient information platform provider Healthvana.

“We’re really concerned. We really want people to come back for that second dose,” the county’s director of vaccine preventable disease control Claire Jarashow told Bloomberg.

“We just don’t have the capacity to be doing hundreds of medical record requests to find people’s first doses and when they need to get their second.”

“Healthvana is also in discussions with concert venues, employers, universities and schools about applying this technology,” the Bloomberg report adds.

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