Google Pay lets users in India get personal insights into their 2020 spending

Google Pay 2020 spending data view screenshot
REWIND: Google Pay India users can now view detailed information about their 2020 spending habits

Google Pay users in India can now access personalised information about their spending habits in 2020 using a new feature integrated into the payment service’s app.

The feature is available to both Android and iOS users and can be accessed via a rewind button displayed on a banner at the top of the Google Pay app.

“Once you enter the option, the app will first show you how long you’ve been with Google Pay,” The Indian Express reports.

“This is followed by a series of cards that show how many local businesses you have helped sustain by paying through the app.

“Another card will then show you how many friends you have interacted with via GPay over the year and the number of transactions you have made.

“Yet another card will also show you how much money you have saved over the year via cashback.

“A Go India-specific card will then summarise how many cities you visited in-game if you opted to indulge in it.

“One final card will show you how much money you have spent via Google Pay throughout the year. This is accompanied by a bar graph that shows you how much you have spent each month of the year.”

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