Dubai beauty parlour introduces smart manicures that include an NFC chip

NFC smart manicure for Dubai beauty parlour
SMART NAIL: Customers can have an NFC chip added to their fingernail as part of their manicure

Customers of the Lanour Beauty Lounge in Dubai’s World Trade Centre can now have an NFC chip attached to their fingernail as part of a manicure, enabling them to store personal data and transfer it to NFC-enabled devices with a tap of their chip-bearing ‘smart nail’.

The chip is placed on to the nail and then covered by a layer of glitter nail polish. It can then be used to “share your contact details, Instagram or LinkedIn profile and much more with a tap on your nail”.

“While the amount of data it can store is quite small for now, CEO Nour Nakarem hopes that the technology will advance to the point where people can pay for bills, share menus, and circulate information at the tap of a finger,” UAE’s What’s On magazine reports.

The smart manicure is designed to last three weeks and costs 250 dirhams (US$68).

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