Apple rolls out support for App Clip Codes

Apple App Clip Codes showing developer best practice
BEST PRACTICE: Developers can use App Store Connect or the App Clip Code Generator to create custom codes

Apple has switched on support for App Clip Codes, enabling developers to create custom codes that let iOS users access a mini version of their app by either scanning the code with their iPhone camera or tapping a Type 5 NFC tag embedded in it.

App Clips were introduced in September 2020 with the rollout of iOS14. They allow iOS users to download a mini app that they can use to access information about a product or service without needing to download a service provider’s full app and to make payments using Apple Pay without having to enter their card details.

App Clip Codes are now available as part of the rollout of iOS 14.3.

“While you can offer users several ways to discover your App Clip, the best way is with an App Clip Code,” Apple says.

“Visually beautiful and distinct, each App Clip Code encodes a URL and can incorporate an NFC tag.

“Users can hold their iPhone near the code or scan it with the camera to open your App Clip and quickly complete a task, before downloading your app.”

Developers can choose to generate either an NFC-integrated App Clip Code or a scan-only version, depending on the location and the way in which the code is to be displayed.

Developer choice

“When you start designing your App Clip Code, choose the variant that works best for the way people use your App Clip,” Apple explains.

“If people can physically access the App Clip Code, use the NFC-integrated variant.”

“If you need to place your App Clip Code in an area that’s physically inaccessible or you need to display it digitally, use a scan-only App Clip Code.”

“Codes can now be created in App Store Connect or with the new command line App Clip Code Generator, which provides the flexibility to build your own batch generation process,” the iPhone maker adds.

In addition to the new App Clip Codes, service providers can give iOS users access to their App Clip via QR code, NFC tag, Safari app banner, links in Messages and place cards in Maps.

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