Nottingham adds NFC top ups to Robin Hood transit card

Robin Hood Ticketing app for NFC mobile top ups
TOP UP: Nottingham public transport users can now use their NFC phone to top up their Robin Hood card

Public transport users in Nottingham, UK, can now buy credit or an extension to their season ticket with their NFC mobile phone and then transfer it to their multi-operator Robin Hood transit card by simply tapping their card to their NFC device.

The Robin Hood Ticketing app enables users to buy season tickets or credit for their pay-as-you-go (PAYG) card for use on bus, tram and train services in the Greater Nottingham area, as well as log into their Robin Hood Network account, check their card balance and “download any other actions… processed by customer services or bought online” onto their card.

Previously users were only able to buy season tickets or top up their Robin Hood PAYG card from on-street ticketing machines.

“Aside from the convenience for customers of more services and functions being available online or via app, having contact-free options has never been more important,” says Nottingham City Council’s Adele Williams.

“This is just the latest step in making the Robin Hood card even easier for customers.

“Within the next few months we’re looking forward to enabling top ups using tram stop ticket machines, and making it possible for people to use their phones instead of their cards.”

The Robin Hood Ticketing app is currently available for Android users and is expected to become available for iOS devices later this month.

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