American Airlines pilots mobile digital identity system

American Airlines check-in desk with check-in staff
TOUCHLESS: America Airlines is piloting a biometrics-based mobile ID system at check-in

Passengers flying with American Airlines from Dallas Fort Worth International and Reagan Washington National airports in the USA are testing a touchless mobile identity system that allows them to verify their identity with their face at the check-in desk.

To use the system, passengers create a mobile ID on either their Apple or Android device via the Airside digital identity app by uploading their passport or driving licence, adding a photo of themselves and giving consent for their mobile ID to be shared and used on the day of travel.

At the airport check-in, participants in the trial can then print their bag tags at a kiosk and scan the barcode sticker from those tags with their mobile device at a match tablet.

“The tablet will take your picture, and your biometric information will match against the mobile ID shared from your device,” American Airlines explains.

“Your mobile ID will be deleted from the cloud after your consent period expires.”

The system is currently only available for bag drop and check-in at the two airports taking part in the trial, but “eventually the programme will allow you to scan your face at each airport touchpoint, making your journey more seamless and secure,” American Airlines says.

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