Maryville University introduces NFC digital IDs

NFC ID on Maryville University student phone and Apple Watch
NFC ID: Students can now upload their digital Saints ID card to their smartphone or watch

Students and staff at Maryville University in St Louis, Missouri, in the USA, can now use their mobile phone or wearable device to enter campus buildings, pay for meals or access other on-site services via the university’s digital identification system.

Uploading their digital Saints ID card to Apple Pay or Google Pay enables users to scan their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone instead of their physical student ID at readers across the university site.

“By simply placing their smartphone or Apple Watch near a reader where physical student IDs are accepted, they can enter residence halls, the library and fitness centre, buy meals at various campus dining locations, make purchases at the university store, and print documents,” the university says.

“Saints ID is not only convenient, it also provides an extra level of security as students no longer have to worry about misplacing their physical card. School credentials are also protected by two-factor authentication.”

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