Canadian retailer vends ready-made meals from contactless kiosks

Nutrimeals contactless kiosk
AUTOMATED: Customers pick up their order from the contactless kiosk by presenting a barcode shown on their phone

Consumers in Calgary, Canada, can now order and pay for ready-made meals on their smartphone and then collect their food from an automated contactless kiosk by presenting a barcode shown on their mobile device.

Canadian food retailer Nutrimeals has installed automated kiosks at two central locations in the city, stocking them with a rotating selection of “convenient and wholesome” meals — including vegetarian and gluten-free options — that customers can browse and purchase via the company’s app.

“The kiosks are low maintenance and incredibly user friendly,” Nutrimeals says. “Completely self-serve, the user can vend up to three meals per transaction in less than a minute.

“The meals are served cold and can be reheated in the nearest microwave.”

“We believe that our automated kiosks are the future solution to the diminishing [number of] food retailers throughout major Canadian cities,” the company adds. 

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