Estonian fuel station installs self-service payments system that replaces need for physical card readers

Cloudics cloud based mobile app for cashless fuel payment
CASHLESS: The Cloudics app enables drivers to pay for the fuel directly from their smartphone

Drivers in Estonia can now order and pay for their fuel directly from their smartphone at a station equipped with a fully automated cloud-based self-service system.

The mobile-only ordering and payment system has been installed at Tartu Terminal’s fuel station in Sadala using Cloudics, a platform developed by Estonian tech provider Astro Baltics.

After pulling onto the forecourt, drivers open the Cloudics app, scan a QR code on the pump to confirm their location, choose a fuel type and the maximum amount they want to buy before paying with a credit or debit card they have added to the app.

Once the payment has been verified, they can refuel their vehicle and receive a receipt on their mobile phone. They can also receive a refund if they take less fuel than they ordered.

“There are no physical machines or forecourt device controllers on site,” Astro Baltics explains.

“All the management is done through [the] Cloudics back-office platform and customers buy fuel with [the] Cloudics mobile application.

“The idea of a cloud-based fuel station is to reduce the costs on maintenance and replace physical devices with new smart technologies.”

Tartu Terminal plans to roll out the system across its chain of fuel stations “in the future”.

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