TreeCard launches wooden contactless debit card

TreeCard contactless wooden debit and credit Mastercards
ECO-FRIENDLY: Cardholders can opt for a contactless wooden debit card or use TreeCard’s mobile app

Consumers in the USA and “a number of EU markets” can now apply for a debit card made from wood that also comes in a digital form and can be used to make contactless and mobile payments as well as cash withdrawals from banks and ATMs.

The physical TreeCard is made from sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council cherry wood and 80% of the profits from merchant charges will be used to support reforestation and tree-planting schemes in locations across the world by not-for-profit search engine Ecosia.

Cardholders can track and categorise spending from their TreeCard account, split bills with others and monitor how many trees have been planted as a result of their spending via the card’s mobile app.

The card is supported by Mastercard and can be used for online and offline payments. It can also be linked to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

“We use wood as a step to reduce plastic use,” TreeCard says. “The great part is, we can produce more than 300,000 cards from the wood of a single tree. We will never need to use more than a few trees to produce all of our cards. In return we will reforest millions.”

TreeCard has opened a waiting list for those wishing to apply for an account and expects to begin shipping the cards in early 2021.

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