Pasmo adds support for Apple Pay Express Transit in Japan

Setting up Pasmo card on Apple Watch
EXPRESS TRANSIT: Users can set up Pasmo in their Apple Watch via Apple Pay on their iPhone

Pasmo transportation card holders in Japan can now use Apple Pay Express Transit to pay for their transit fares and other Pasmo-supported transactions using their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Once they have uploaded their Pasmo card to Apple Pay and transferred or added stored credit, users can then pay train, subway and bus fares in Japan by tapping the automatic ticket gate reader, as well as make purchases at Pasmo-supporting retailers.

Selecting the Express Transit feature enables users to buy transit tickets without unlocking their mobile device or needing to use FaceID or TouchID.

Japan’s Suica transit payment system has supported Apple Pay since 2016. Users can now store both Pasmo and Suica cards in their Apple Wallet — but can only set one for Express Transit at a time.

“Apple Pay Pasmo is just like Suica with similar device profiles: iPhone 8/Apple Watch Series 3 and later with iOS 14/watch OS 7,” Japanese technology blog Ata Distance reports

“The advantages of Apple Pay Suica also apply to Pasmo: Apple Pay bank cards work for recharge, and thanks to global NFC any iPhone 8/Apple Watch 3 from anywhere can add Pasmo.

“Pasmo can be added and used in Wallet without [the] Pasmo app, but the app offers deeply useful commuter pass options if you download and register a Mobile Pasmo account.

“The commuter pass purchase screen offers a huge variety of Pasmo rail and bus line choices and your Pasmo can hold a rail plus bus multiple commuter pass, a feature that Suica does not have,” the blog adds.

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