French city launches payment card ticketing for groups and individuals

Bibus Brest contactless ticketing infographic
CASHLESS: Bibus users in Brest can now use their contactless payment cards to buy tickets and travel

Users of the Bibus public transport network in the Brest Métropole area of France can now use their contactless payment cards to buy tickets on buses, trams and cable cars, transfer from one mode of transport to another at no additional cost, and pay for as many as six passengers with a single card.

The contactless system means that “you just have to get on board and present your contactless payment card at the validation terminal like any other transport ticket,” Bibus says.

“Once payment has been accepted, the validator will not issue a ticket. The payment card serves as a transport ticket and allows you to use the entire network for 60 minutes.

“The price paid remains identical to that of the paper ticket, ie €1.60 (US$1.86) per ticket.

“To travel with others, all you have to do is select the number of tickets to be issued on the validator (six maximum) and present your payment card only once to pay.”

The payment card itself acts as a ticket, enabling passengers to transfer to another mode of transport by using the same card at the validation terminal and prove that they have paid to travel by presenting it to a ticket inspector’s control terminal during an inspection.

“We are proud to deploy this innovation across the territory, which contributes to improving the passenger experience in public transport,” says Paul Gardey de Soos, managing director of Bibus. “No need to buy a ticket before boarding, all you need is a credit card.

“Making the use of public transport more convenient and simpler is an important factor in developing sustainable mobility in Brest Métropole.”

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