Octopus to launch new transit card that works in mainland China?

Octopus Hong Kong contactless transit card
CROSS BORDER: Hong Kong’s Octopus transit cards could soon be used to pay for travel and retail payments in China

Users of Octopus transit cards in Hong Kong could soon be able to pay for public transport fares in mainland China, with the ability to make payments for purchases at stores across the country to follow, the company’s outgoing CEO has told the South China Morning Post.

“Octopus Holdings’ Sunny Cheung Yiu-tong said a new card, which would be compatible with the electronic payment standards in the city and the mainland, would be available for use on taxis, buses, subways and ferries across the border,” the publication reports.

“He said the company was seeking to join a nationwide Ministry of Transport initiative, which created standards for contactless cards called China T-Union.”

“It aims at increasing cross-border connectivity, and Hong King’s market is quite mature,” Sunny Cheung Yiu-tong is reported as saying.

“The coronavirus pandemic has delayed discussions with mainland authorities, but we hope to roll it out next year.

“Public transport fares across the border do not cost much, but the country’s population is huge and hence the user numbers. We also want to see Octopus being used for shopping across the country.”

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