Indian banks to add transit ticketing to mobile banking apps

Bank customers in India will soon be able to book, pay for and receive railway e-tickets for use on their mobile device through their mobile banking app.

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The functionality will also allow them to check alternative travel options, seat and berth availability and the status of their booking.

Banks will be able to offer the service using a merchant marketplace platform developed by Nuclei, which allows API integration with third-party products and services, including utilities, gift cards, airlines, hotels and bus tickets.

The integration of real-time train ticket purchasing into Nuclei’s merchant marketplace follows a partnership deal signed with Indian railway booking platform ConfirmTkt.

“Partnering with ConfirmTkt helps us offer a complete suite of train checking, booking and cancellation features on mobile banking applications,” says Ankur Josh, Nuclei’s founder and CEO.

“Trains have always been a primary mode of travel for people in India. The addition of a trains category to our marketplace will add immense value for our partner banks’ customers.”

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